The Barrington Early Childhood Center offers a developmentally appropriate program for children ages 3 through 5.

Preschool: The Preschool program offers a 2 day or 3 day option. The 3-day Preschool meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:45-11:30. The 2-day Preschool meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings also from 8:45-11:30. Each class has an enrollment of 18 children and 3 qualified teachers.

Pre-Kindergarten: Preschool graduates move on to participate in the Pre-Kindergarten program. There are three different Pre-Kindergarten classrooms: AM Pre-K which meets Tuesday – Friday from 8:45-11:30 PM Pre-K which meets Tuesday– Friday from 12:30-3:15, and a Full Day Pre-K which meets Tuesday – Friday from 9:00-1:30.  Each class has an enrollment of 18 children and 2 qualified teachers.

All Pre-K children are eligible to participate in an optional “Monday Club” program. This is a class of 18 children who come to school from 9:00-2:00 every Monday. Because the class is drawn from all three four year old classes this is a fun opportunity for children to make new friendships with children they may not necessarily see in their regular classroom.