Solid curriculum: Our developmentally appropriate curriculum focuses on the growth and development of the whole child with the goal that upon leaving BECC children will be ready to enter kindergarten with the skills they need to succeed and flourish.

Qualified teachers: One of the aspects that makes BECC so special is the longevity and qualifications of the teachers. Most of the teachers have been at our school for ten years or more and all have formal education/degrees. The teachers see learning as a lifelong process and continue to attend classes, workshops, and seminars in the field of early childhood education to best serve the children in their care.

Strong family involvement: BECC parents make up the Board of Directors of our school and are involved in all decision-making aspects of the program. Our school is enriched by families and we believe that every family has something positive to offer. We encourage you to volunteer in your child’s class and partner with us to provide your child with a positive preschool experience and develop a lifelong love of school and learning.

Unique setting: We are very fortunate to have booths in each classroom with a one way window that allows you to view your child while they are at BECC.  This is a unique and rare opportunity to observe your child in the classroom setting that we strongly encourage every family to take advantage of while at BECC.

If you are interested in BECC for your child, please call our Director. Through her, you can arrange for a tour of our school and get information about our application and enrollment procedures.

To secure a position for your child a $400.00 deposit is required for the upcoming academic year. There is a 10% discount off of the lowest tuition for second siblings. BECC has three payment plans to assist your family.